I’m Frank Alvarez.

I live in Miami, where I power the best vacations.

Ever since I was young, I've always been close to technology. But, I never really had the opportunity to own a computer until I was sixteen. I had too little an opportunity to lean into the tech world, so left highschool and into college as an Accounting major and nearly followed through. Until I met an adjunct professor who helped me discover my true potential.

The only thing I loved more than computers were movies. It feels like I've seen just about every great film worth watching from the last 30 years, and then some. From Kurosawa to Scorcese, to Adam Sandler. There are too many to have one favorite. But Rush Hour will always live near the top of the list.

Along my many roles, I would always find my way into a position to lead others, even when I was the most junior on my team. I'd always find ways to break the mold, and learned my favorite parts of my career was when I was creating and building something new, and helping others grow.

Today, I lead a team of two great engineers, as well as manage our partnership with a professional services team. Helping the team at Royal Caribbean Group leverage Akamai to deliver high performing Web and Mobile experiences for our guests.